We all live on the fringes of eternity and are sometimes granted vistas through the fabric of illusion.

-Ansel Adams



For eons, an iconic mountain range has formed the backbone of North America. But for all its dazzling peaks, storied wildlife, and sublime natural wonders, this place has never shared its unique biography. Now, a two thousand-mile journey traces the signature curve of a continent – across a realm of staggering heights, rushing gorges, churning glaciers, and prodigious valleys. It is the life and death stage for charismatic animal characters of unbridled tenacity. Their intimate stories illuminated by big-picture scientific discovery: a collared elk charts the secret pulse of migration along an ancient pathway. A snow scientist measures the speed and force of a deep slab avalanche. An intrepid wolf reintroduction precipitates an ecosystem-wide flourish of life. This unparalleled anthology reveals the web of relationships that bring animal, human, and bedrock together – in a place known only as ‘THE ROCKIES.’ 


The past is alive. Built like no mountain range on Earth, the Rockies were born out of the same elemental forces that continue to shape them today. Destined by their rugged topography to become America’s last frontier, they provided a precious stronghold for wildlife found nowhere else on the planet. This untamed sanctuary gave rise to the first National Park – inspiring a movement to protect wildlands across the globe. 

Bison | Grizzlies | Black-Footed Ferrets | Trumpeter Swans | Cutthroat Trout | Woodland Caribou

Mountains in motion

The Rockies never sleep. Over the course of a year, a kinetic flow of energy surges through this landscape. Each season peaks with events that are sudden, dynamic, and ephemeral. In a flash, a diverse cast of wildlife characters respond – life is adapted perfectly to ‘seize the moment.’ 

Elk | Golden Eagles | Grizzlies | Wolverines | Harlequin Ducks | Black-backed Woodpeckers | Cutworm moths


The future is already here. A tidal wave of change threatens the very foundation of the Rockies. As glaciers recede, wildfires rage, invasive species multiply, and wildlife corridors are severed, an entire ecosystem is altering on a mass scale. But a movement has begun to restore the balance. To follow along with species on the brink is to find both hope and tragedy in this ultimate moment of transformation.

Gray Wolves | Black Swifts | Wolverines | Lynx | Pronghorn Antelope | Grizzlies | Pika